Bush Hates the Kids
October 6, 2007, 2:25 pm
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I thought kids were a pretty nonpartisan topic. You should help kids, people like kids. You should always save them first from a burning house and help them with their seat belts in case of an emergency landing. Your heart should be warmed by their very presence and you should make sure they have unfettered access to cookies and milk and HEALTH CARE.

Yet, in a move derided by virtually everyone, President Bush vetoed a spending increase for S-chip on Wednesday, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. His veto effectively denied almost 4 million kids access to health care. And not just any kids, poor kids. His veto was not based on the programs deficiencies, which is unilaterally considered a success, perhaps the only success in the disaster that is our health care system.

“The policies of the government ought to be, help people find private insurance, not federal coverage,” the president shuffled out as an explanation of sorts. Never mind the 10 million federal dollars a month propping up the war in Iraq. “I do want Republicans and Democrats to come together to support a bill that focuses on the poorer children, he said Wednesday.

Is Bush proposing potential children prove that they are destitute? Although I lack a background in PR, I can imagine that making enemies with the nation’s needy children ranks right up there with eating kittens and tripping old ladies.

These guys have good coverage of reaction to the president’s latest veto.

After further contemplation, I can think of only one explanation for the president’s latest debacle. Bush must be thinking of his career post-White House, host of Are you Poorer than the Average 5th Grader? Maybe thinking is too aggressive a verb.